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IlVento Wind Sculptures

We can help you to catch the wind and transform it into something beautiful.

Delicately designed and balanced, each sculpture spins at the slightest breeze. You will love the fluidity of its mesmerizing movements.

All our wind sculptures are made from high-quality stainless steel for durability. They will rotate and reflect the sunlight in your garden or backyard for years.




Il Vento consists of several layers and all layers can rotate in a different direction. You can design a motion pattern for the sculpture in whatever way you choose.


Set it up in your backyard or garden or hang it up on a tree, a roof, or a cornice. Slow down, relax and enjoy your leisure time outdoors watching the mesmerizing movements of a wind sculpture.




This is an absolutely gorgeous product—very well designed and made. It arrived promptly and only took a few minutes to put together. It spins really smoothly and does not require a heavy wind. Lovely kinetic motion—my three kids are mesmerized. Thanks for a great product! Highly recommend!


Oh it’s perfect! Better than I expected!! Great quality!!! Fast delivery!! Over A+++++.


A skillfully made truly artisan sculpture. High grade quality materials. It is a pleasure to watch it dance in the breeze and gives us hours of enjoyment in our garden retreat. The lizards and dragon flies love to inspect it too. We love the unique design and have received dozens of compliments on it. Thank you for the excellent communication in helping us make the right choice.


Very nice addition to garden decor. Thank you!


Easy to assemble, arrived quickly, and most importantly, it is a beautiful and functional piece of art. I love it.


These wind sculptures are great! The slightest breeze gets them moving. Mesmerizing to watch. Received in about a week. Although it took about 30-40 minutes to assemble, it was not difficult. Fantastic item!

Daniel G

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