Height: 42 inch / 110 cm
Width : 16 inch / 40 cm
Delicately designed and balanced, Vela spins from the slightest breeze. You will love the fluidity of its mesmerizing movements.

Made of high-quality stainless steel. Vela will rotate and reflect light in your garden or backyard for years.
Two ways of installation: you can put it on a stand on the ground, or you can hang it up on a tree, roof, or cornice.
Consists of four layers and all layers can rotate in a different direction. You can design a motion pattern for the sculpture in whatever way you choose.

Consist of 4 layers, and 44 semi-spheres.
24 semi-spheres 1.57 inch/ 40 mm in diameter
16 semi-spheres 1.96 inch/ 50 mm in diameter
4 semi-spheres 2.36 inch/ 60 mm in diameter

Stainless steel
Easy to assemble

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