Effortlessly Transform Your Garden
Installing an IlVento Wind Sculpture into your garden can bring a renewed sense of life and vibrancy into previously overlooked spaces. Enjoy relaxing in your garden with a smooth and fluid modern wind sculpture that is calming to watch as it spins with just a gentle push from the wind. Our modern garden decorations are beautifully balanced and built with exceptional quality.

Beautiful, Long Lasting Stainless Steel
Crafted from strong and sturdy stainless steel, your IlVento Wind Sculpture will remain bright, shiny, and untarnished throughout all seasons and weather conditions. The reflective surface looks stunning and mesmerizing as it spins around, reflecting your natural surroundings in the bowl-shaped discs for a gorgeous play of light.

The Perfect Gift For Art Lovers & Gardeners
An IlVento Wind Sculpture makes the perfect gift for modern art lovers and gardeners alike. Truly unique and one-of-a-kind, our modern wind sculptures are sure to amaze and delight any recipient and are ideal for gifting on any occasion; Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, house warming presents or treat yourself and your garden to a new art installation.

How Does My Garden Sculpture Work?
Starship Sculpture consists of seven layers and 32 semi-spheres, with all layers rotating in different directions. How you decide to assemble each layer is up to you! Design a unique motion pattern for your sculpture in whatever way you fancy. Perfect for those who love getting creative!

You can easily install this modern garden art piece in two ways:
1. Attach it to a stand on or in the ground
2. Hang it up on a tree, roof, or cornice

More Information
Height: 68″ / 175 cm
Width : 28 ” / 71 cm
Seven Layers
Stainless steel