Wind Spinner II is the perfect unique addition to your backyard decor, with its easy-to-assemble design and stainless steel make-up.
When experiencing a slight breeze, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the unparalleled design of the Wind Spinner as it
spins gracefully in the wind.

The Wind Spinner can easily be transformed into a wind flower.
Place this kinetic flower amongst garden shrubbery or flowers by simply pushing it into the ground and
positioning it vertically.

Your outdoor decor just got an upgrade, one that outshines in quality and price!

● Features a thoughtfully designed kinetic metal flower to add an attractive addition to your outdoor area and makes
the perfect gift for your mom, dad, spouse, grandparent, child, or anyone
in between!
● Great for those wishing to up the style of their outdoor decor and enjoy a unique artisanal piece that will provide peace and tranquility.
● Easy to assemble and install
● Stainless steel which lasts for years
● Dimensions: 30 in. tall, 11 in. wide