Wind Flower XII is the perfect unique addition to your backyard décor.
It rotates with the slightest breeze and brings light and motion into your garden,
creating a feeling of complete unity of living nature with the essence of metal.

Place it amongst garden shrubbery or flowers. Simply push into the ground and position vertically.

Wind Flower XII can be easily transformed into a kinetic wind spinner which can then be placed on a tree or on a cornice.

Made of stainless steel, the windflower will serve you for years, bringing the magical dance of the wind into your garden.

● Features a thoughtfully designed kinetic metal flower to add an attractive addition to your outdoor area and makes
the perfect gift for your mom, dad, spouse, grandparent, child, or anyone in between!
● Great for those wishing to up the style of their outdoor décor and enjoy a unique artisanal piece that will provide peace and tranquility.
● Easy to assemble and install
● Stainless steel which lasts for years
● Dimensions: 30 in. tall, 11 in. wide