Delicately designed and balanced, Binarius spins from the slightest breeze. You will love the fluidity of its mesmerizing movements.

Made of high-quality stainless steel. Binarius will rotate and reflect light in your garden or backyard for years.
Two ways of installation: you can put it on a stand on the ground, or you can hang it up on a tree, roof, or cornice.

Binarius wind sculpture makes the perfect gift for modern art lovers and gardeners alike. Truly unique and one-of-a-kind, our modern wind sculptures are sure to amaze and delight any recipient and are ideal for gifting on any occasion; Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, house warming presents or treat yourself and your garden to a new art installation.

It consists of 7 layers, and 32 semi-spheres.
Height: 42″ / 110 cm
Width : 18″ /47 cm

● Great for those wishing to up the style of their outdoor décor and enjoy a unique artisanal piece that will provide peace and tranquility.
● Easy to assemble and install
● Stainless steel which lasts for years
● Moves with a slight breeze
● Easy to assemble

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